Navy Blue American Martinsville Dresser

Hi — it has been a REALLY long time since I added a post.  I have been actively working on furniture for the last 8 months, just wasn’t into blogging about it.  A lot as changed in my world and we are expecting our second child in the end of May.  While, this hasn’t stopped by work on furniture, for some reason it made me very uninterested in keeping up with these posts.  So, I figured I would give in and write a quick “Before” and “After” on this great piece.

So, these aren’t the best “Before” pictures, but they show the original wood.  It was beautiful, but damaged and definitely needed a paint job.  I love the hardware on this piece as well and knew it was going to be amazing when I finished.  It was definitely the reason I bought the piece in the first place.

dresser beforedresser before 1

After my normal prep work of sanding, filling in any flaws or dings, sanding again, and then wiping down with TSP, I taped off the piece and added a layer of primer.  I made a few more touch ups with the wood-fill and sanded one last time.  Now it was time for the paint.

I used my favorite navy blue color, Naval by Sherwin Williams, and it turned out wonderful.  I love the clean lines!

IMG_1246dresser after 1dresser after 2dresser after 3

The hardware turned out like perfection once I polished it up with Bar Keeper’s Friend and some steel wool.  Please check out my refinished pieces to see if this piece is still available.




White and Gray Dresser

Hello –

I have clearly taken a break from writing here for a bit.  Just like everyone, lots of busyness, but I had some time today, so here I am.  I have been very busy with projects and a lot of custom pieces lately.  I always enjoy those because it is fun to come up with a workable plan with clients.  I am often stretched by my client’s ideas and I like that — it helps to make me better.

The piece below is a custom dresser I did for a little girl’s room.  It started with a piece that I picked up at a local thrift shop.    The lines on this piece are very different  – I especially love the curved drawers in the middle.  They are so unique and add a little feminine detail.

Dresser 8 Drawer

The client I was working with wanted to have the dresser white with a little bit of gray accents.  We went back and forward on where the gray accents would be best and decided on a few spots on the four drawers to the left and right of the middle rounded drawers.

The accents were really fun to do.  I started out taping off the spaces I was going to paint gray, but quickly realized that it was easier to just paint these areas by hand.  After doing a few of the accents, I also decided that a few more were necessary to balance the piece out.  Below is what came out.

white and gray dresser

I was really happy with how it turned out and the client was as well.  It is just beautiful and just the right dresser for a girl’s room.



Pair of Drexel Nighstands

Hello –

After having these nightstands sitting in the back of my workshop for quite sometime, I finally figured out what I wanted to do with them – paint them a high gloss black!  So, I started looking up colors online and decided upon a Sherwin Williams color – Tricorn Black.  I decided to go with a high gloss sheen because I thought it would bring out the natural wood grains more (which are so beautiful and really make these pieces unique).

I went to get the paint at the hardware store and took a look at it after it had been all shaken – it was definitely not black, but a really dark gray.  I was a little disappointed at first, but after some thought, I realized that this might actually be even better than the black – and it definitely was!


BeforeNighstands1 BeforeNightstands2


IMG_1102 IMG_1100 IMG_1097 IMG_1096

I also had to clean up the vanished hardware (see below).  I used steel wool and bar keeper’s friend to do the job.  I am really happy with the result!

Hardware1 Hardware2

I have lots of great pieces coming up – so stay tuned!


Lots of Befores & Afters

Hi, all!

I haven’t written in a bit — it has been a crazy & fun summer!  I have been busy working on lots of furniture, so I thought I would do a post showing you what I have been up to…I know I always love the “before & after” pictures, so we here we go:






20150614_140641 20150614_140658







Well, it looks like I have been on a little bit of a white furniture kick 🙂   Right now, I am working on a navy campaign dresser and a black set of nightstands, so that should shake it up a bit.

Thanks for reading!


White Dresser Turned Nursery Changing Table

Hello –

I found this really cool credenza/dresser a while ago from a seller on Craigslist that I had bought from before.  I thought the hardware was unique and would be appealing to buyers.  So, I quickly picked up the piece and stored it away in my little workshop.


During that particular time, I was in a hoarding mode, so I piled up a bunch of pieces and didn’t get to many of them for quite some time.  (Oh, the life of a furniture refinisher!!J)  Meanwhile, one of my friends was in need of a changing table/dresser for her coming baby, and I thought this piece might work perfect!  So, after a few exchanged pictures and texts, we agreed on this piece and so the refinishing process begins!

We also decided that even though the hardware was really cool, it wasn’t really appropriate for a baby’s room.  I thought that glass knobs would be really cute and ideal for either a boy or a girl (since they decided to make the sex of the baby a surprise).  Off to Hobby Lobby I went – and this is what I found…and even at 50% off!


This piece had a little bit of damage, so I did some work with wood fill during my prep work.  I continued sanding, cleaning, and taping the piece off and finally after priming and painting, below is what I got!


I think it turned out really sweet and is a perfect height for changing diapers!


Latest Project…

Happy Almost 4th of July!   I wanted to share a recent project with you…

So, I bought this great nightstand awhile ago from a cute little shop in Capital Hill.  It has great detail and simply lines (which I love).  It had so much potential, I had to give it the face lift it so desperately needed.DrexelBEFORE


This picture doesn’t really show all of the scratches and scraps, but it definitely had some that needed to be covered up.

I decided to keep it simple and really let the gold of the hardware shine through.  I painted the piece white and shinned up the brass.  I love how it turned out!

White Drexel Nightstand









Thanks for reading!


Paint Extender — Does it work?

Hello all!

I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful summer weather!  I wanted to share a recent product discovery that is really changing the way my pieces are looking for the better!

If you follow my work then you know that I really like painting in dark blue colors.  This color is beautiful, but can be particularly difficult to get to lay flat and not show brush or spray marks.  This drives me nuts and requires a lot of extra time to get the look I am wanting!

So, online I went to find out what other people are doing and I found a product called “Paint Extender.”  This product is used by adding it to your paint and it acts as a thinner and extends the open time of the paint.  In other words, the paint takes longer to dry which allows for more manipulation time and for the paint to level out more prior to drying (which is what I was interested in).

I have been using Benjamin Moore paint and decided to buy “Benjamin Moore Waterborne Paint Extender.”  I added this to my primer (Kilz) and to my quart of Benjamin Moore.  And let me tell you — WOW!!  What a difference!  Let me spell out what I noticed:

  • Fast Spray Time – using this product in my paint allowed for me to spray my piece so much quicker.
  • Better Coverage – I used to have to spray my pieces four times to get good coverage, but now I am able to only spray three times with my color paint (still need one coat of primer as well).  This reduces time and the volume of paint needed.
  • Smooth as Glass – The final product is just so nice and smooth!  This product just brings the professional look of the pieces to another level.  I am a bit of a perfectionist and was so pleased with the smooth finish.  I will definitely use a paint extender going forward!

Below is the first piece I used this product on – turned out great!


Hope this was helpful!!

Xoxo – Sonni