Pair of Drexel Nighstands

Hello –

After having these nightstands sitting in the back of my workshop for quite sometime, I finally figured out what I wanted to do with them – paint them a high gloss black!  So, I started looking up colors online and decided upon a Sherwin Williams color – Tricorn Black.  I decided to go with a high gloss sheen because I thought it would bring out the natural wood grains more (which are so beautiful and really make these pieces unique).

I went to get the paint at the hardware store and took a look at it after it had been all shaken – it was definitely not black, but a really dark gray.  I was a little disappointed at first, but after some thought, I realized that this might actually be even better than the black – and it definitely was!


BeforeNighstands1 BeforeNightstands2


IMG_1102 IMG_1100 IMG_1097 IMG_1096

I also had to clean up the vanished hardware (see below).  I used steel wool and bar keeper’s friend to do the job.  I am really happy with the result!

Hardware1 Hardware2

I have lots of great pieces coming up – so stay tuned!


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