White Dresser Turned Nursery Changing Table

Hello –

I found this really cool credenza/dresser a while ago from a seller on Craigslist that I had bought from before.  I thought the hardware was unique and would be appealing to buyers.  So, I quickly picked up the piece and stored it away in my little workshop.


During that particular time, I was in a hoarding mode, so I piled up a bunch of pieces and didn’t get to many of them for quite some time.  (Oh, the life of a furniture refinisher!!J)  Meanwhile, one of my friends was in need of a changing table/dresser for her coming baby, and I thought this piece might work perfect!  So, after a few exchanged pictures and texts, we agreed on this piece and so the refinishing process begins!

We also decided that even though the hardware was really cool, it wasn’t really appropriate for a baby’s room.  I thought that glass knobs would be really cute and ideal for either a boy or a girl (since they decided to make the sex of the baby a surprise).  Off to Hobby Lobby I went – and this is what I found…and even at 50% off!


This piece had a little bit of damage, so I did some work with wood fill during my prep work.  I continued sanding, cleaning, and taping the piece off and finally after priming and painting, below is what I got!


I think it turned out really sweet and is a perfect height for changing diapers!


Latest Project…

Happy Almost 4th of July!   I wanted to share a recent project with you…

So, I bought this great nightstand awhile ago from a cute little shop in Capital Hill.  It has great detail and simply lines (which I love).  It had so much potential, I had to give it the face lift it so desperately needed.DrexelBEFORE


This picture doesn’t really show all of the scratches and scraps, but it definitely had some that needed to be covered up.

I decided to keep it simple and really let the gold of the hardware shine through.  I painted the piece white and shinned up the brass.  I love how it turned out!

White Drexel Nightstand









Thanks for reading!