Paint Extender — Does it work?

Hello all!

I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful summer weather!  I wanted to share a recent product discovery that is really changing the way my pieces are looking for the better!

If you follow my work then you know that I really like painting in dark blue colors.  This color is beautiful, but can be particularly difficult to get to lay flat and not show brush or spray marks.  This drives me nuts and requires a lot of extra time to get the look I am wanting!

So, online I went to find out what other people are doing and I found a product called “Paint Extender.”  This product is used by adding it to your paint and it acts as a thinner and extends the open time of the paint.  In other words, the paint takes longer to dry which allows for more manipulation time and for the paint to level out more prior to drying (which is what I was interested in).

I have been using Benjamin Moore paint and decided to buy “Benjamin Moore Waterborne Paint Extender.”  I added this to my primer (Kilz) and to my quart of Benjamin Moore.  And let me tell you — WOW!!  What a difference!  Let me spell out what I noticed:

  • Fast Spray Time – using this product in my paint allowed for me to spray my piece so much quicker.
  • Better Coverage – I used to have to spray my pieces four times to get good coverage, but now I am able to only spray three times with my color paint (still need one coat of primer as well).  This reduces time and the volume of paint needed.
  • Smooth as Glass – The final product is just so nice and smooth!  This product just brings the professional look of the pieces to another level.  I am a bit of a perfectionist and was so pleased with the smooth finish.  I will definitely use a paint extender going forward!

Below is the first piece I used this product on – turned out great!


Hope this was helpful!!

Xoxo – Sonni

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