Poly acrylic?

Hello there!

This week I completed two beautiful nightstands to match a prior dresser that I had recently finished for this client.  In working project, I was forced to try something new that I might otherwise have never tried: Poly acrylic!  My client was requesting an additional clear layer beyond the Paste Wax that I normally do (and personally prefer).  So, I was forced explain my distain for Polyurethane due to the yellowing of the pieces that I have seen as a result.  And, she told me all about Polyacrylic and how this product tends to do this less.

Mmmm…so, I gave it a try – I applied two thin layers on the nightstands and was very pleasured with the “clearness” of the product.    I did notice some yellowing in areas were excess amounts pooled, but otherwise, the result was clear.  What do you think?




Thanks!! Until next time…


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