Added a little detail…

White Antique Dresser

Hello – hope everyone is having a great week.  We have been crazy busy lately and are just starting to get back to our normal routine and pace.   I am excited to share my most recent project with you.   They were fun to do and I like the extra detail of the lock.

Ok – so, let me start at the beginning…I did these pieces for my mother-in-law.  The nightstand was her mothers and definitely had seen better days.  The dresser was a Craigslist find and was so beautiful.  Lots of great design details and overall in really good shape.


WhiteDresserBEFORE WhiteDresserBEFORE1

To get started, I sanded, washed the pieces in TSP, primed and painted – pretty basic.  I wanted to add a little interest to the dresser, so I decided to paint the locks.  I started this process by taping off the locks and using a hammered bronze spray paint.  I loved how this paint looked, but didn’t like the tape lines or the lack of detail that resulted from the spray paint.  So, I decided that I would remove the tape and try something else.  I ended up using my sprayer and continuing with the white paint layers.  I simply wiped off the locks after I was finished as best I could.

After I was finished painting the piece all white, I sprayed the spray paint onto a large picture of butcher paper.  I sprayed enough so that I could actually dip a small paint brush into the paint and touch up the locks on the drawers.  This worked really nicely and allowed for me to get into the small spots on these locks.  The effect was exactly what I wanted and added just the right interest to the piece.


I also added new hardware.


Hope you have a great long weekend!  Thanks!