I spoke too soon…

Hello, all!

Hope everyone is having a nice week.  We are getting ready to leave for Mexico tomorrow, but I wanted to share this piece before I left.  This week I am excited to share my before and after pictures, however, before I do that, I have to share a little story.

If you read my post from last week, you will probably remember where I commented about the quality of paint needed to complete a piece and how I thought “middle of the road” was okay — well, I definitely misspoke!!  Last week, I was working on a piece with a some not so great paint and was noticing some bumps in the paint.  I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong — I was convinced it was something I was doing, so I spent a lot of time sanding and repainting, but nothing was changing.  So, I finally decided to take one of the drawers to Sherwin Williams to see if they could determine why my paint wasn’t lying smoothly.  And, basically they said — paint quality!!

So, after purchasing more paint (and now the highest quality)  I went home and repainted this piece.  What a difference!!  No more bumps — no more imperfections — just a nice smooth finish!  Now I am officially converted — only the highest quality going forward — the time wasted was not worth the money or the frustration…grrr

Okay, on to my new piece — here are the before pictures.




This piece needed some wood fill, but after some sanding, priming, and painting….





Clearly, I love this blue color with the gold hardware!!  I think it makes a great combination and it really striking!

Thanks again for reading!


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