The Toothpick Trick

Happy Tuesday!!  Sorry I have been MIA for a bit…I just started my new part-time schedule at my day job and was working feverishly on a custom project.

This client had two dressers that she bought to refinish, but decided it was a little too much to take on.   I love working with people like her because she has a vision for what she wants, but just needed a little help in executing it. 🙂


As you can see, this first dresser has great bones and lots of drawer space.  It just needed a little prep work, some primer, and some new paint!  I also took off the existing hardware (see the picture below).  I cleaned these up and sprayed painted them.  I think they added a lot of fun detail and uniqueness to this piece.


So, I learned a new trick for filling in small holes, which I thought would be fun to pass on.  As you can see, these hardware pieces are held in place by small nails.  Once, I removed the existing nails, I needed to replace them with new silver ones to match the now sprayer painted hardware.  So, I went to the hardware store.  When I was purchasing new nails, I forgot to think about the size of the holes in the furniture — I was too concerned with the size of the holes in the hardware.  When I got home and was ready to reattach these pieces, they just came right out of the existing holes — they were too small.  I returned to the hardware store to find bigger nails, but couldn’t find any that would also fit the hardware.  Mmmm….

The guy at the hardware store suggested the following and it worked:

-Grab some toothpicks

-Cover one end of the toothpick with wood glue and put it inside the hole on the furniture

-Break off the portion that is sticking out from the furniture

-Let the glue dry

-Then, you simply nail in the smaller nails into the old holes and now they stay like a dream!!

This was such a great solution!!  Worked well and took no time at all to execute!  Gotta love it!  Check out the “After” shot below!


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