How to Make Your Brass Hardware Pieces Really Shine!

Happy Thursday!

Last week I posted about using Bar Keeper’s Friend to remove vanish from old brass hardware.  The before and after pictures were pretty impressive, but I was hoping for a little brighter of a  gold finish on these pieces, so I wanted to try one more option.  I have read on a lot about a product called “Rub n’ Buff” – this is basically paint that comes in a little tube that you apply to almost any finish.  I ordered the Golf Leaf color, but there are many more to choose from.


I was so excited when it arrived yesterday that I immediately gave it a try.  I applied a little bit of the product onto a soft cloth and rubbed it evenly on the entire front surface of the hardware.  WOW!!  The result was exactly what I was hoping for – it completely brightened up the hardware, but left the authenticity of the piece.  You really could never tell the product was added, if looks very “natural”!!  See the picture below — the left side shows the “After” and the right side is the “Before” — big difference!

Before and After 2

Well- short post,  but hopefully you find this tip helpful!  To me, this little things make such a huge difference on a piece – so, I was excited to share!


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