Room E-Design Give Away!!

If you have spent much time on my blog or checking out my Etsy store, you know that I have begun to offer Room E-Designs.  To celebrate this launch properly, I have decided to offer a giveaway for a E-Design for one room!

If you aren’t familiar, a Room E-Design is a great and affordable way to have any space in your home fully designed by me via the Internet and email. This custom service would start by having you send me pictures and dimensions of your space.  We could discuss any existing pieces you want to include in your design, as well as budget.  From there, we would discuss your wishes for the space and I would then create an entire floor plan and design board that will allow you to completely pull any space together.  This would include a purchase list as well.

My Giveaway would include one of these designs to the winner for doing the following:

  1. Become a Follower on my Blog (there is a place to follow on the right sidebar)
  2. Leave a comment saying which room you would want me to design and why.
  3. For another entry, you can Facebook about this giveaway and leave a comment saying you did on the blog (You can follow my Facebook by using the link on the right side bar as well).

I will select a winner on March 21st!

You can check out a sample of my E-Designs under my “Concept Boards” design.  This is a fairly simple example, so we can add additional details as necessary.


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