Part Two: How to Bring Back the Life in Wooden Furniture

Well, the worst is definitely over and you are at the point where you can start to really see the benefits of your hard labor. You can repeat this next step once, twice, or more depending on how shining you want and the overall look you are going for…

Supplies: Tung Oil and Clean Rags

1. Put some Tung Oil in your clean bowl. Using a thoughtful process, wipe the oil onto the surface of your piece. Remember that any lines that show when putting the oil on the wood will be there when it dries.  Be thoughtful and considerate as you complete this process. which is relatively easy because the oil takes some time to dry and allows you to correct any imperfections during application.

2. Come back and wipe any extra oil off the piece (drips, runs, etc.).

3. Let the piece dry overnight.

4. Repeat the above process as necessary to obtain your desired look.

*Tip for reupholstering chairs…spray the fabric with scotch guard or something that will help to make the fabric a little waterproof and stain resistant.



Hope this was helpful!  Let me know if you have any questions!  This set is now for sale, if you are interested…


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