How to Paint Drawers with Minimal Prep Work and Hassle

If you are tackling a furniture project that requires painting a bunch of drawers, this should save you precious time and prep work, while still giving great results.  This technique will only work with a paint sprayer – just so you are aware.

When I am painting drawers, I want to keep the tracks, sides, and inside of the drawers unpainted.  I think it allows for a cleaner appearance and helps to keep the drawer working well.  So, to begin, I set up a little “drawer station” — this includes the following:

  • A table (covered or not depending on if you care if it gets paint all over it)Drawers5
  • A sheet to cover the table (again, if that matters to you) and one to cover the back portion of the drawer while it is being painted.Drawers2
  • A board the length of the drawer front or longer.Drawers1
  • A straight edged piece of cardboard that is manageable and can be handled easily.Drawers4

So, from here I do the following:

  • Place the drawer to be painted on the table and cover the back portion with the sheet and the board on top.  I push the board up against the back part of the drawer.
  • With my sprayer ready, I start spraying the drawer front.  When I come to the left or right edge of the drawer front, I use the cardboard to ensure that the paint stays off the back of the drawer (see picture).


That is the process in a nut shell.  This method is pretty easy and very effective in giving your drawers a nice finished result. You will need to repeat the process 2-4 times to ensure proper coverage.  Make sure you pay close attention to the edges, as these are the toughest spots to get, so be careful and thorough.

Let me know if you have any questions!!  Hope you find this helpful!


Room E-Design Give Away!!

If you have spent much time on my blog or checking out my Etsy store, you know that I have begun to offer Room E-Designs.  To celebrate this launch properly, I have decided to offer a giveaway for a E-Design for one room!

If you aren’t familiar, a Room E-Design is a great and affordable way to have any space in your home fully designed by me via the Internet and email. This custom service would start by having you send me pictures and dimensions of your space.  We could discuss any existing pieces you want to include in your design, as well as budget.  From there, we would discuss your wishes for the space and I would then create an entire floor plan and design board that will allow you to completely pull any space together.  This would include a purchase list as well.

My Giveaway would include one of these designs to the winner for doing the following:

  1. Become a Follower on my Blog (there is a place to follow on the right sidebar)
  2. Leave a comment saying which room you would want me to design and why.
  3. For another entry, you can Facebook about this giveaway and leave a comment saying you did on the blog (You can follow my Facebook by using the link on the right side bar as well).

I will select a winner on March 21st!

You can check out a sample of my E-Designs under my “Concept Boards” design.  This is a fairly simple example, so we can add additional details as necessary.


Free In-Home Consultation or 50% off E-Design Services for February & March

Hello, everyone!!

An example of a Floor Plan

I am just about finished with my first real design job and have had great success.  My clients have said the following:

“I’m speechless. You are incredible.  I can’t believe how awesome this is (my design plan).Wow!  I can’t thank you enough for all of that effort.”

“Your layouts and ideas are great.  I might start ordering some of it!  I’d love ideas on the guestroom too.”

“Yes, I love it.  I really appreciate all the effort.  You really do have a calling!”

So – here is my offer to YOU!  As I am working to build my business, I am offering the following for the remainder of February and for the entire month of March!!

  • Free 1 hour in home design consultation ($100 value)
  • 50% off E-Design Services (Regularly starting at $250 per room)

I would love to discuss any projects you might have and what we could do together!  My goal is to help you use the “stuff” you have in a more functional and “design-friendly” way to bring life into your current space or help determine a new space!  I want to help you love where you live – so, please contact me if you want to discuss this great opportunity further!!


Concept Boards

Slide1 Slide2

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

I just finished these concept boards for a client and wanted to share.  I think these are fun because they incorporate the clients own furniture with new items.  They have some pieces they really love, but didn’t know how to use them in their new home and still get the look they are wanting.  They wanted kid-friendly cottage feeling, so we worked to bring that to life!


Part Two: How to Bring Back the Life in Wooden Furniture

Well, the worst is definitely over and you are at the point where you can start to really see the benefits of your hard labor. You can repeat this next step once, twice, or more depending on how shining you want and the overall look you are going for…

Supplies: Tung Oil and Clean Rags

1. Put some Tung Oil in your clean bowl. Using a thoughtful process, wipe the oil onto the surface of your piece. Remember that any lines that show when putting the oil on the wood will be there when it dries.  Be thoughtful and considerate as you complete this process. which is relatively easy because the oil takes some time to dry and allows you to correct any imperfections during application.

2. Come back and wipe any extra oil off the piece (drips, runs, etc.).

3. Let the piece dry overnight.

4. Repeat the above process as necessary to obtain your desired look.

*Tip for reupholstering chairs…spray the fabric with scotch guard or something that will help to make the fabric a little waterproof and stain resistant.



Hope this was helpful!  Let me know if you have any questions!  This set is now for sale, if you are interested…


Floor Plans!

Good evening, everyone!

I had a really fun & busy week!  I am excited to see how my little business is progressing, growing, and beginning to evolve.

This week I was working on a design project for a local client.  They are moving into a new home and needed some help determining how the rooms should be set-up.  They are doing some major remodeling, so we went and took a look at the place last weekend.  It is coming along really nice, but I can see their dilemma.  A couple of the rooms are a little misshapen, so it is not obvious how to use the space in a way that flows and feels good, while also using the space effectively.

So, I have been creating a ton of different floor plans to play around with different options.  It is really fun to see how you can move one piece of furniture around and completely change the feel of the room around.

Below is my final layout for the very large bonus room that the client wanted to use as an office, extra guest space (they already have another guest room), and a “hang out” area.  I thought about this room the most, as it has a lot of space, but it isn’t obvious where items should go.  In my floor plan, I tried to take advantage of the space and make this room as functional as possible.

MillerHome 2

Below is what I shared with the clients:

  • Since you already have a guest bedroom, I would not dedicate this space to that function. I would put a daybed in the large alcove and have the desk facing outward.  According to Feng Shui, when seated at the desk, you want to be facing the entrance.  If you are not facing out, you would need to put a mirror up to reflect it.
  • Sitting Area – this would be a great place for friends to hang out and relax.
  • Window Alcoves – I would create bookshelves in this space (hard to see in my picture).

Hopefully my picture will be better next time.  I am testing out programs that draw floor places, so I can start incorporating those into my work.  I will keep you updated as this project continues – should be interesting!!

Stay tuned for more!