My New Favorite Corner


Hello –

I am excited to share this picture of my home with you.  This corner has been in progress for about 2 months and is finally complete!

Since we moved into our home in late April of 2014, I have been working on decorating all the nooks and crannies.  This picture is one from my new favorite areas in my dining room and I finally finished it just last night.

So, let me give you the details – first, I repainted this beautiful piece of furniture.  Originally, this now bar was a stereo cabinet from my grandma’s.  It had a record player in it, but I thought it would be fun as a bar and would fit in our dining room perfectly.  So, I created a shelf where the record player was and painted it in this nice cream color.  I think it turned out great and fits perfectly.  🙂

Next, I found this cute lamp from Home Goods and I think it looks really great with the silver tray.  It brings the space together without being to matchy-matchy.

Lastly, I have been collecting plates for awhile in colors that I love and that fit our home’s decor.  I found some of these at Value Village, Good Will, Target, and Home Goods.  It felt like a little scavenger hunt searching for the perfect plates!!  Very rewarding each time I found just the right one!

Well – that’s all for today!  Thanks for reading!


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