Tomorrow’s a New Beginning!

I felt compelled to write a post today, as we come to the end of 2014, I wanted to share what this year has meant to me. I am sure I will mention this again in the future, but 2014 will forever by branded in my memory as one of great turmoil and transition.  I continue to work at finding my place in the world and what that will actually look like, but I am getting closer.  I know I  was brought to this moment of sharing my thoughts and wanting to help other’s create their own personal paradises at home.  That is my passion.  I want people to feel relaxed and invigorated in their own spaces.  That is why I love decorating so much – you should love your home and the way it makes you feel.  🙂 Well, have a great New Year’s Eve and stay tuned as I plan to post my first piece for sale tomorrow! xoxo-Sonni